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Clay County, FL Public Records

Clay County, Florida, is home to the 'Devil's Den,' a prehistoric underground spring believed to have been used by extinct animals during the Pleistocene Age. Clay County public records are available for public reviewing, with the exception of confidential documents per the Florida Public Records Act. Record seekers can find vital records through the Florida Department of Health. The office provides birth, marriage, divorce, and death records in person, via mail, and online through a third-party provider, VitalChek. In-person and mail record seekers may only obtain birth records if they meet eligibility requirements, i.e., be the registrant above 18 years old or a legal guardian. Record seekers must produce a valid ID and a copy fee with the application form. Certified death certificates are only accessible to immediate family members. Record seekers must fill out the application form and submit it with valid ID and copy fees. Marriage and divorce records from this department are only available from 1927. Record seekers must complete and submit an application form. Any marriage and divorce records before 1927 are available from the Clay County Clerk of Court and Comptroller. Property records in Clay County are available from the Clay County Property Appraiser. The office has an online property search function that record seekers can use to search a property by location address, owner name, parcel number, and legal information.

Courts in Clay County

Court Records in Clay County, Florida

Clay County court records are for the primary trial court in the county, the Clay County Circuit Court. The court sits for sessions in various locations, hearing felony and civil disputes of more than $15,000. Record seekers may obtain the court's records from the Clerk of Court and Comptroller. The office maintains an online records search which record seekers can use to find case information. The portal allows record seekers to find court cases through criteria such as case status, citation number, defendant's name, and case number. Individuals may contact the Recording Department Clerks to inquire about obtaining copies of the court records.

Court Name:
825 N. Orange Ave.
Green Cove Springs

Jails and Prisons in Clay County

Find Inmate Search and Jail Records in Clay County, Florida

Clay County inmate records are for those incarcerated at the Clay County Jail. It is the main correctional facility in the county. The Clay County Sheriff's Office manages activities and records for the facility. Therefore, record seekers can contact the office to inquire about obtaining copies of inmate records. Alternatively, record seekers may use the crime and arrest info provided by the Sheriff's Office's website. The platform provides information about persons incarcerated at the jail. Other inmate services such as visitations, sending mail, or funding accounts are also under the Sheriff's office. Clay County Jail is the registered correctional facility in the county, ranking 128th in the state in jails and prisons in Florida.

Jails and Prisons Name:
901 North Orange Avenue, PO Box 548
Green Cove Springs

Police Departments and Sheriff Offices in Clay County

Arrest Records in Clay County, Florida

Clay County arrest records are also available through the County Sheriff's Office. The Crime and Arrest Info provided by the office online allows record seekers to see basic arrest information, active warrants, traffic citations, and other information. Record seekers may contact the Sheriff's Office to inquire about obtaining copies of these records. Clay County has two police departments, with one police department per 302 square miles. The county ranks 43rd in the state in police departments per square mile. Clay County has a crime rate of 15.96 per 1,000 residents.

Police Departments Name:
901 North Orange Ave.
Green Cove Springs

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