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Duval County, FL Public Records

Duval county public records include memos, letters, maps, audio recordings, images, and software generated concerning the transaction of official business by a government agency. As per the provisions of Florida Statute Chapter 119, these records are available for public viewing unless deemed confidential by law. Birth and death records are only available to eligible record seekers such as immediate family, spouses, legal representatives, and law enforcement personnel. The same is true for marriage and divorce records. These may be accessed from the Bureau of Vital Statistics, which charges $5 per copy. Depending on the type, vital records can be publicly accessed after a certain number of years. For birth records, it is 100 years, while death records are available after 50 years. Property records are also available to members of the public following Florida Public Records statutes. Requesters may obtain these from the County Clerk of Courts, which maintains an online database.

Courts in Duval County

Court Records in Duval County, Florida

Following the Florida Rule of Judicial Administration, everyone can access court records. Duval County court records include transcripts, dockets, case motions, and exhibitsThese records are maintained by the Duval County Clerk of the Court, who maintains two online portals. One platform illustrates cases tried in civil, criminal, and traffic courts. The second provides access to liens, mortgages, and deeds. Record seekers would have to register and sign in to view the confidential court records, though. Court records involving juveniles, ongoing criminal investigations, military discharge documents, and cases governed by Florida Rules of Family Law are not open to the public. Records may also be sealed for individuals if the charges are dropped or dismissed following incompetent legal processing.

Court Name:
501 W. Adams St.

Jails and Prisons in Duval County

Find Inmate Search and Jail Records in Duval County, Florida

Duval County inmate records are available for public viewing in accordance with Florida’s Sunshine law. These are accessed at the Department of Corrections of Jacksonville’s Sheriff’s Office. The corrections department provides a locator tool, allowing record seekers to search inmates by their name. From the search, requesters access the individual’s physical descriptors, criminal history, sentencing information, and the detaining facility. The department also allows inmates to receive visits both virtually and in person. All visitors to the Duval County jails should be above 18, though minors may be allowed to visit during morning hours. Visitors must also follow corrections facility regulations before entering the facilities. Duval County has 15 jails and prisons serving a population of 999,935 residents.

Jails and Prisons Name:
1024 Superior Street
4727 Lannie Road
500 E. Adams Street

Police Departments and Sheriff Offices in Duval County

Arrest Records in Duval County, Florida

Duval County arrest records include documents detailing the detainment of an individual following suspected criminal activity. They also entail the arrestee’s physical details, charges, the arresting officer, and the context of detainment. Per Florida’s Sunshine Law, arrest records are available for public inspection, barring information sealed by the law. The Records Division of the Sheriff’s office also provides background checks where record seekers can search criminal histories. Criminal records are not the same as arrest records, though, as the latter does not include convictions. These may be accessed in person during working hours from Monday to Friday. Duval County’s Sheriff's Office prices arrest records at 15 cents a page. Duval County has 11 police departments, and the crime rate is 25.76 per 1,000 residents.

Police Departments Name:

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