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Santa Rosa County, FL Public Records

Santa Rosa County, Florida, is home to Navarre Beach, known for pristine white sands and crystal-clear turquoise waters, both enjoyed by over 180,000 residents. Santa Rosa County public records are available to any requester with some restrictions per state laws. Record seekers may access vital records from the Florida Department of Health. The department is the state custodian of birth and death records. Records seekers can obtain birth records from the office if they meet eligibility requirements. Eligible requesters are, therefore, the registrant, direct family members, properly-documented guardians, and interested parties with a notarized affidavit. Death records are public, but only eligible requesters may obtain a death record with the cause of death. Eligible requesters are the immediate family members, executors of the estate, lawyers representing an eligible requester, insurance companies, and anyone who needs a certificate to pay a policy or death benefits on the registrant. All applicants must submit a corresponding application form with the required fees and a valid photo ID. The department accepts in-person and mailed requests. Marriage and divorce documents are available from the Santa Rosa County Clerk of Court Office. The clerk provides these records to public requesters in person and via mail. All applications should contain the marriage or divorce details and the corresponding fees. Marriage and divorce certificates after June 1927 are also available from the Florida Health Department. Record seekers must complete and submit a corresponding application form with the necessary search and copy fees. Santa Rosa property records are accessible through the Property Appraiser Office. The office has an online public property search using criteria such as owner name, parcel number, address, subdivisions, and use code.

Courts in Santa Rosa County

Court Records in Santa Rosa County, Florida

Santa Rosa County court records are available from the County Clerk of Court and Comptroller. The clerk is the official custodian of court records for the county courthouses. Record seekers may use the online Search Court Records function to view court documents. Some case files are exempt from viewing per state laws—for example, any active criminal investigation information and records with confidential information. The online search provides four kinds of access. Only the public access option allows anonymous access to court records with no user ID or password. Record seekers can conduct a person or case search using the public access option. Individuals may also specify the court type to refine the results.

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Jails and Prisons in Santa Rosa County

Find Inmate Search and Jail Records in Santa Rosa County, Florida

Santa Rosa County inmate records are for those incarcerated at the Santa Rosa County Jail. It is the main correctional facility, and the Sheriff’s Office oversees its activities and manages its records. Therefore, record seekers may use the Jail View on the Sheriff’s website to see a list of inmates in the county. Individuals may use the search criteria to filter the list. Each inmate profile provides a mugshot, name and gender, current and visitation status, booking number and details, court case number, and the charges. Alternatively, record seekers may file a public records request with the Sheriff’s office to obtain inmate documents. Santa Rosa County has eight jails and prisons, with one jail and prison per 126 square miles.

Jails and Prisons Name:
5755 East Milton Road, PO Box 7129

Police Departments and Sheriff Offices in Santa Rosa County

Arrest Records in Santa Rosa County, Florida

Santa Rosa County arrest records are accessible from the County Sheriff’s Office. The office has a portal for public records requests. Record seekers must create an account and log in to make and see the status of a request. The portal allows individuals to browse by category and obtain accident/crash reports. The reports are available in person or by calling the office. Records seekers may contact the Sheriff’s office for more information on obtaining police reports for the county. Traffic Crash reports are also available from the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles: Crash Portal. However, the reports are only available to parties involved and others as outlined in the statute. Santa Rosa has two police departments. The county has a crime rate of 18.16 per 1,000 residents.

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