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Palm Beach County, FL Public Records

State regulations classify public records as all files made or received concerning business transactions through agencies, with some exceptions. Palm Beach County public records, per chapter 119.011(12), comply with the law governing open access to these documents. Some exemptions include social security, driving license numbers, or criminal investigative information. Birth and death records are also confidential, as they can only be issued to eligible individuals. These include parents, legal representatives, and the registrant. They would be sourced from the Bureau of Vital Statistics. Both birth and death records do become public after 100 and 50 years, respectively. All marriage records in Palm Beach are also considered public information. These are attained from the Clerk and Comptroller’s Office in the county.

Courts in Palm Beach County

Court Records in Palm Beach County, Florida

Palm Beach County court records are available to anyone. Under Judicial Administration 2.420, the general public has the right to access all court records, including motions and transcripts filed by parties to cases. The regulation also maintains that the administrative records custodian is the court's chief judge, which means these documents can be accessed at the courthouse. Alternatively, requesters may view civil case records online via the Office of the Clerk and Comptroller. To get copies, applicants must visit the courthouses in person and go to the Photocopy area. Requesters may also accept mail requests for court records copies. Criminal records are treated differently, though, depending on the nature of the information. Some cases may be considered public though those entailing ongoing investigations or sensitive information are sealed from general viewing.

Court Name:
110 South Tamarind Ave.
West Palm Beach
301 N. Olive Ave.
West Palm Beach

Jails and Prisons in Palm Beach County

Find Inmate Search and Jail Records in Palm Beach County, Florida

Palm Beach County inmate records are considered public information following Florida Sunshine Laws.  These records are accessed at the Sheriff’s office via a designated online inmate search tool. Those who want to find inmates can search via the person’s name and booking number. The results should provide the inmate’s physical description, charges, sentencing information, and detention location. Palm Beach County mandates that visitors schedule visits in advance, and they have to check in 15 minutes before the visitation. Visitors are also required to dress and conduct themselves in a particular manner. Inmates in Palm Beach County jails may get a maximum of three visitors every week. There are 14 jails and prisons in Palm Beach County, serving a population of 1.498 million residents.

Jails and Prisons Name:
600 U.S. Highway 27 South
South Bay
1100 45th Street, Bldg. A
West Palm Beach
Fairgrounds Road, PO Box 24716
West Palm Beach
3228 Gun Club Road, PO Box 24716
West Palm Beach

Police Departments and Sheriff Offices in Palm Beach County

Arrest Records in Palm Beach County, Florida

Arrest records are part of an individual's criminal history, considering it is documented proof of suspected crimes. According to the Florida Sunshine laws, arrest records are partially open in Palm Beach County, depending on the eligibility of the requester.  The county sheriff's office maintains Palm Beach arrest records. Applicants can get these reports by visiting the office or sending a request via email.  There is a price for these records, as the Sheriff’s office charges 15 cents for each page. The records division also requires $24.47 for every hour on records that are more than six pages. Palm Beach County has 33 police departments, and the crime rate is 14 per 1,000 residents.

Police Departments Name:
3228 Gun Club Rd.
West Palm Beach

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